• Biosensor for Cancer/Disease Detection


    One of our main research is based on biological applications. We are working on detection and early diagnosis of cancer. This is label-free and available for point-of-care applications.

  • On-chip BioSensor Design


    One of our research area is Lab-on-Chip Biosensor design for Point-of-Care applications. Single and small chip will be used for detecting cancer. Additionally integration with transmitter unit is carried out. Opportunity of having researchers from different disciplines, integration of biosensor with high frequency is successfull and many academic writings have been published.

  • Aptamer based BioSensor


    Because of their label-free detection opportunity, Aptamer-based biosensor development is carried out by Sabanci University Biosensor Group

Welcome to Biosensor Research Group at Sabanci University.

Being an interdisciplinary research field, biosensor research requires researchers from Electronics, Biology and Physics background. We are working on the following research topics;

* Label-free biosensor development working at ISM band
* Development of biosensor working at lower frequencies (MHz range)
* Aptamer-fascilitated biomarker discovery
* Design and development of novel assays for biosensor applications-mainly for early warning and diagnosis of cardiovascular and cancer diseases

:: News ::
>> Sabanci University Open House Days (15 July- 6 August)

>> Sabanci University RFIC Group will attend European Microwave Week Conference. One oral presentation and one poster presentation will be performed by RFIC Group.
:: Upcoming Events ::
* EuroSensors2010, Linz, AUSTRIA >> 5-8, Sept.
* EuMW 2010, Paris, FRANCE >> 23, Sept.
* EuroSensors2011, Athens, GREECE